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A group of people that greatly influenced me was Rotarians that are representative of Rotary International. I was very lucky to be selected by my school to attend a Life Leadership Conference this past summer sponsored by the Rotary. My eyes were opened to how much the Rotary does for us. Many Rotarians have gone on several mission trips to build houses in third world countries, they do countless amounts of fundraisers and not the mention, the Rotary was one of the prime reasons Polio was almost completely eradicated in the United States. These people do whatever they can to help our world and people. These Rotarians have inspired me to do more in my community, and I hope I am able to be like these people someday.
  - Excerpt from Influential Women of Northern Michigan, Traverse City Record-Eagle, October 23, 2022
A big thank you goes out to Elk Rapids Rotarian extraordinaire Julia Pollister Amos for spotting this article.