Rotary Club of Elk Rapids provides local Covid-19 support
                by Carol Heles
The Rotary Club of Elk Rapids provided swift and thoughtful financial assistance to numerous local businesses and organizations to help them through the Covid-19 crisis.

The Elk Rapids Downtown Development Authority (DDA) used Rotary funds to supply personal protection equipment (PPE) to downtown businesses in the form of masks and hand sanitizer. Financial support of the DDA’s “ER Promise” campaign that focused on keeping the community informed and working together was also supported by the Rotary Club of Elk Rapids.

Likewise, the Elk Rapids Chamber of Commerce put Rotary funds to work by purchasing PPE so that the Farmers Markets could proceed safely throughout the summer and fall. 

And finally, the Rotary Club of Elk Rapids donated $6,000 to the Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation (GTRCF) Urgent Needs Fund. The Urgent Needs Fund was created to mobilize local giving in response to the pandemic. By partnering with GTRCF, Rotary was assured that their financial assistance would be given to deserving local non-profits in need of immediate relief services. 

While Rotary is a global network of neighbors, friends, leaders and problem-solvers, their vision includes taking action to create lasting change in their local communities. Through their local Covid-19 support efforts, the Rotary Club of Elk Rapids took action that fulfilled that vision.

You can help the Rotary Club of Elk Rapids continue to empower local organizations to succeed by donating to the “Good Works Fund” at Text and photos submitted by Carol Heles
Elk Rapids Chamber of Commerce employee and
volunteer, Maryl Kohl and Sue Haines, join little
shopper Eli Petrovich at the Farmers Market
handwashing station.
Providence Farms’ Rosie Said and Eddie Veenstra
at their Farmer’s Market booth on October 3, 2020.